Horse Trading and Rust Hunting

I’ve not been doing a lot of rust hunting in recent times, in fact I’ve been doing the opposite and selling off a lot of my unwanted tools. For example, there was no point keeping a bunch of wooden planes in the exact same sizes as my metal-bodied ones, and no point keeping a tenon saw that felt too small for my hand when I have a perfectly nice one in the same size that feels great.

All of this has meant two things – the garage is looking a lot neater and I had the money to wander the markets this morning looking for a couple of things I did need.

First though, I welcomed a new addition to my plane family yesterday. I traded that too-small tenon saw for a Record #7, late 40’s if I havn’t missed my guess too much. Nice and solid, though I will take the camber off the blade when I sharpen it. It’s got a piece broken out of the handle but if I can’t find a replacement I’ll just make one up.  You can see it’s already had a bit of a workout cleaning up parts for the workbench.

Speaking of the workbench, I’ve got to mark and cut tenons for the cross rails into the legs which is where this morning’s market finds will come in handy. I’ve got a couple of wooden marking gauges but have always been less than happy with the results. Paying $70 for a veritas one seemed too much given my current skill level so when I found this pair at the markets for $20 each I grabbed them. Made by Silex Tools, they were in pretty good shape. All they needed was the small amount of red paint removed, a polish with fine steel wool and a light pass from a diamond file to get them into working shape.

They should get a good workout when I finish the bench legs sometime in the coming weeks.


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