My sawbench was looking lonely

So I built him a partner weekend before last. It’s a little different – no slot for ripping or dog slots but as this will get used as a bench or a support most of the time instead of for sawing on that shouldn’t matter.

This one’s a bit rougher to my eye, but I was using recycled timber from the coffee table I built (was no longer needed so got remodelled!) and I rushed it a bit just to have it finished. I managed to make a decent mistake too – I marked where the tray had to sit then went above instead of below the line so it’s higher than on the original. I want to add another crosspiece to both at the top to take the little bit of movement they both have away so will fix it then. I will get around to sanding and making this one ‘pretty’ at some point but I’ve got a few busy weekends ahead of me and a cold that’s keeping me away from sawdust slowing me down.


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