A constant state of flux

That’s the perfect way to describe my workshop. Right now it’s in the middle of another major cleanout, which I seem to need to do at least every three months to keep it in enough order to get my car in of a night.

I’m just sitting long enough to let the sweat dry before I have another go at it. I’m being rather ruthless this time, and there’s a big chunk of my plane, chisel and saw stash on the woodwork forums for sale. I’ve kept a very decent working set of each for myself now the others need to go so I can use the workshop properly.

I’ve been putting the newly built sawbenches to use, though my better half came in halfway through the work and commented “Why did you put wood on my seat” as she’s found the first born bench quite a comfortable perch. They’ve got lengths of pine on them while I work out what I’m going to do about my workbench.

What’s wrong with the workbench?. Not a huge amount, except the top isn’t flat and so won’t secure to the frame properly, and the frame itself is too narrow. I managed to get hold of a pile of unused 90 x 40mm double bed slats and I’ve worked out how to turn these into a rather solid benchtop, and the old bench will donate the fir legs for a Roubo style monster shortly. Oh, and did I mention that it still doesn’t have a face vice despite having had one originally?. That needs fixing too. It never ends.

I’ve got designs on the space above my storage shelves as well, but as my weekends are at least semi-booked up for the next month or two it’s going to have to wait.

Back to it!


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