What’s next?

Well now that the pair of sawbenches are finished I’ve got to work out what to do next. My girlfriend would like a flat breadboard (the other one, while pretty, is rather wonky) so I might take a detour from working on shop stuff to make one.

I’m also still in the process of doing a cleanout and sale of any unwanted tools. Hang on, unwanted is the wrong work. I want all tools. I just don’t have the space for multiple duplicates that are never going to get used. High on the list are all of the wooden planes and the pile of saws that I don’t want now I’ve picked and restored the best of them. These two first because they are taking up a lot of space. I’ve decided to stick with all metal bodied planes, it’s a bit of a pain to swap between them as they really need different bench heights.

I’ve decided to try and stick to doing small projects one at a time, so selling off some tools and making a breadboard might be on the cards this weekend.  If I have a few small goals I think I’m much more likely to achieve them.




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