Avoiding the Christmas Stress

Well it’s that time of year. Thankfully I’ve done all my present shopping, the house is tidy, the garden only needs a little work in the morning if the weather clears up, and the saws are sharp.

Hang on, what’s that last one got to do with avoiding Christmas stress?. Well let me tell you. I got home yesterday after a rather crazy day at work, my better half was still at the shops, and I decided to potter around the shed to try and take my mind off it all. I’ve got a bit of time off over the next week so I’ve already got a todo list started, and high on it was sharpening a bunch of recently restored saws so I can put them to use.

I picked up a crosscut and started work, but the light wasn’t great so I moved out to the driveway, holding it violin style and working the file like a bow. File tooth, skip tooth, file tooth, skip tooth. Within half an hour I’d fallen into a nice rhythm, finished two saws and was feeling relaxed. The repetitive motion did wonders. If you can this holidays, take a few minutes out and give it a go, you and your saws will both feel better for it.


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