$10 saw? Not in Australia Chris!

An interesting read came to me from twitter today. Chris Schwarz writing on the topic of a $10 saw (about $26 down under) was quite an amusing read, given he’s so fond of vintage tools. I actually bought one of these as my second saw, the first being a cheap tenon, and it’s still on the pegboard. He’s right, for a rough little thing it cuts quite well. The model I got actually has a better handle so I haven’t removed it – yet.

For about the same $’s though I’ve picked up and restored a bunch of Disston’s, and they are much better tools. Obviously though some people aren’t going to want to do that and will go down he route he suggests but I’ve got an alternate suggestion – the Tajima 265 pull saw. Still available from the big green shed’s over here in Oz for around the same price, it’s also a hardpoint saw, but with a much finer kerf and great number of teeth per inch. You’d think that meant it cut slower but it’s about three times as fast and the pull action feels natural after a few minutes. A few guys I’ve met who are in the know about Japanese saws say these are actually quite decently made and after having used one for six months I agree.


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