Making a scraper shave

Well I’ve just finished testing out the new scraper shave I made. I think it turned out well enough, there’s a few places I could improve but it works as it should so that’s a good thing!

I got to use a lot of interesting tools on this one – rasps, scrapers, and to finish a lot of wax and a buffing wheel in the drill.

I’m going to make another at some point, this time with a Jarra body instead of the maple, and possible a brass mouth. It will also have through bolts with wingnuts instead of screws, as they will last longer. The next one will have a V cutout so I can use it to shape chamfers.

Total build time was about 3 hours including finishing.

Materials were

– 2 bits of maple (one for body, one for mouth)

– two small brass screws

– a piece of a 99c mitra saw blade

– Boiled linseed oil

– beeswax


Tools used were

– Jigsaw with a crosscut blade

– Curved rasp

– Cabinet scraper

– 320 grit sandpaper

– buffing wheel in the drill to polish the wax




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