A few minutes in the workshop

I got a few minutes in the workshop this afternoon and started building a scraper shave from the plans in last month’s Australian Woodsmith magazine. I had planned to do it all with handtools but the coping saw was taking forever where the jigsaw took seconds.

It’s basically a wooden spokeshave body with a cabinet scraper blade rather than a cutting blade, and it appears to be coming up well, pics to follow tomorrow if possible. It’s a good project to practice handtool skills on still, because rasps, spokeshaves and card scrapers all take a role in shaping the body of the tool. I wanted something to enter into my local woodworking club’s annual competition so I’m hoping the end result is nice.

I also took a look around to see what had to be done as I have a few days off. I’ve got it pretty organised, but I still need to redo the workbench top and put the front vice back on after its repaint and I want to make the base deeper so I can bolt the top down properly and try and make it flat. I don’t want any more wonky breadboards!

I’ve noticed that now I have most of my handtools properly restored and hung right next to the workbench I’m actually getting more woodwork done, as opposed to what my girlfriend calls “fluffing around looking puzzled”. It’s quite interesting to note that I’ve also not had the dropsaw out in a while, the handsaws I did up are two steps from the bench and so I’m reaching for them instead.

We’ll see how much I get done tomorrow, I may end up watching us beat the kiwi’s again instead 🙂


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