So how do you restore a broken wooden plane?

Well in this case, with a wood putty as close to the original colour as you can!. Not exactly an authentic way, but given the number of cracks and the large bite out of the front it’s the only thing I could think of. These are the before pics, hopefully the after’s on the weekend. I need to make a blade for it too, it was missing when I got it and it’s wider than anything I have around. Time to cut up an old circ saw blade I think. It’s an old plane that I saved from sitting unused until someone threw it out, and it’s about the same length as a #7 so if I get it working well I can put it to good use.


5 thoughts on “So how do you restore a broken wooden plane?

  1. I’ve got a few old Mathieson tapered blades and backing irons kicking around the place – measure the width of the mouth and I will see what I can find

    Till you have used a big heavy blade in a woodie you don’t know what fun is


  2. Hello mate.

    Have been watching your blog on and off and thought I’d post a comment.

    Though I’ve not seen the plane in the “flesh” I don’t think I’d bother with the putty. Clean it oil it, oil it and oil it again and some of those cracks will slowly close up.

    If the cracks are really a bother perhaps some restorers wax might work. Howard’s Fix stix spring to mind:

    Get that thing humming again and it’ll make short work of your bench top in no time.


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