Restoring a wooden handled saw

This one is from earlier in the year that I’m quite pleased with but haven’t put on the blog yet. This is a Disston panel saw I got for 50c in what looked like quite bad condition.

I made the mistake of trying some rust converter on it at first and it made it impossible to use the citric acid method I use now on it, so the blade was cleaned up with a lot of hard sanding.

The handle got sanded down to 1200 grit then give a couple of coats of a water based stain and varnish, then the finish rubbed out with the 1200 grit again until it felt nice and worn in. I softened the edges of the handle, it was too square looking to my eye and just didn’t feel right.

The blade was set and sharpened and then waxed and it’s now working nicely.


2 thoughts on “Restoring a wooden handled saw

  1. Nice job on the saw… Something I just found on Pinterest to clean rust… In fact its the same solution I’ve used to kill weeds…. Distilled vinegar, pinch of salt and a drop or two of soap. (makes it stick to weed leaves.) I don’t think the soap will harm the steel, but the rest is what is used to clean rust off metal. I tried it on the ruler part of my tri-square. It worked!. Now just to find bigger trays to soak other tools!
    Phil –

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